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Hello forum user! Here are a few simple tips that make us all happier on the forums.

1. Please do not resurrect dead threads! This means you should not post on old threads which no one is reading anymore. Looking at the date of the last post will give you a clue as to whether or not people are still using the thread.

2. Don't make pointless posts to raise your post count. Applications are not judged on how many posts you have made, nor do we hand out prizes for post count highscores. Only post if you actually have something to add to the conversation.

3. Posting on a thread twice in a row is called 'double posting, if you wish to add something to your post use the edit button to add or change anything in your post. This button can be found when viewing the thread and can be seen at the bottom of your posts.

4. Respect other users of the forums. This means no flaming, excessive trolling or abusive language. Your account stays on this forum at the discretion of the Admin's. If need be we will delete or suspend your forum account.

5. Try to use correct spelling and grammar in your posts (if you are unsure, use a word processor i.e. Word).

6. Don't write a post in ALL CAPS or in a hard to read or annoying colour or colours.

7. When posting on threads, do try to keep on the topic of the original post.

8. When making a thread, make sure to put it in the appropriate section of the forums. You can do this by choosing a section in the "Category" drop-down-list. Threads are automatically posted in the "Introduce Me" section.

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