Server Rules

Unless a special event is being conducted, our servers are publicly-accessible 24x7. We simply ask that you help us to maintain a fun environment, by observing some simple rules;

1. Hacking/Aimbots/Radars are not permitted! Any form of cheating will not be tolerated!

You will be instantly and permanently banned, with no exceptions and no warnings. All evidence collected against you will be submitted to i3d and DICE/EA. All known hacker databases will be notified of your actions.

Hackers can be caught in any number of ways but the main way we catch them is by Punk Buster Screenshots (PBSS). Screen Shots can be blocked and blocks return a B0 code. If someone produces a consistent amount of B0 PBSS then they will receive a warning, if they continue to block PunkBuster from acquiring a screen shot then they will be banned. For More information on B0's and warnings please visit here.

2. Clans harbouring proven hackers must act to discipline their members!

Members of any clan found harbouring proven hackers will each be considered hacker sympathisers. Said clan will also be seen as supporting the act of breaking Team NADS server rules and EA/DICE's rules. All clan members will be sent a PM containing evidence of their own clan member hacking. The offending clan will then be given time to remedy this through their own processes. If, after a reasonable time, no action is taken against the proven hacker and/or hostility is involved, then all members of the offending clan will be banned from all Team NADS servers.

3. Glitching will not be tolerated!

Glitching (taking unfair advantage of in-game bugs/loopholes) is prohibited during game time on all ranked servers. Glitching on our un-ranked server and during pre-game is permitted.

Exploiting the 3 Weapon Glitch will result in a Permanent Ban and a report to EA/DICE!

Fast change Dual long range shotty's and dual knifing are considered exploits by BFH. Exploits such as the 'No Scope' are glitching and banned from our servers. This will also help prevent macro users which is ALSO against EA's terms of service agreement.

4. Stat padding will not be tolerated!

5. Excessive harrassment and offensive personal attacks will not be tolerated!

6. Uncap (uncapturable flag/rear base) camping will not be tolerated!

*You may briefly enter uncap with the express purpose of stealing a vehicle, then leave. You enter at your own risk and if fired upon you aren't allowed to respond. Uncap boundaries are automtically enforced in Alpine Assault and Midnight Mayhem. All other maps are shown below for your reference. Our uncap boundaries supercede any and all other, including EA's new time out zones. Uncap zones only apply to the original TDM map modes and not any of the new CTF and HOTH modes.

7. Spawn Camping will not be tolerated!

Camping near an enemy's capturable flag with no intentions to capture it, and killing players within seconds of spawning. This includes sitting in a Tank and shelling enemy heroes within seconds of spawning.

8. No Trucing!

9. No Account Scamming!

Account scamming is a very low act and is theft. We take a zero tolerance to this practice and your account will be instantly banned with no chance of appeal.

If you are found to be breaking any of rules #3 - #8:

  • You will receive 2 warnings, one after the other, to make sure you get the message.
  • If you fail to heed these warnings and continue to break the rules you will be kicked from the server.
  • If you return after being kicked, with a hostile attitude and/or continue to break ANY rules, you will be BANNED from 24 hours to a Week.
  • Once the cooling off period has expired, you will be welcomed back to our server.
  • Break any rule, one more time, you will be permanently banned.

Please note: AFK heroes may be kicked. VIPs have first priority in our servers, you may be randomly kicked for VIP placement. By joining our servers you accept these rules and agree to follow them.

Uncap Boundaries

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Uncap Boundaries

Buccaneer Bay

Uncap Boundaries

Coastal Clash

Uncap Boundaries

Riverside Rush

Uncap Boundaries

Seaside Skirmish

Uncap Boundaries

Sunset Showdown

Uncap Boundaries

Victory Village


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