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About Team Nads

[tN] Team NADS started as a group of guys playing Battlefield Heroes together; stomping public servers with their skills, funny emotes and antics.

What started as a small group of players, has quickly grown over the past year into the busiest BFH community in Australia/New Zealand.

The wider [tN] Team NADS community includes...

Our Community Members;

Community members post on our forums, use our public teamspeak server and play in game with us. These members are an important part of [tN] and without them we would have nothing

Our Junior Rep Players;

Team NADS' newest venture! Recently we have started a new division of Team NADS that includes our younger community members that are not quite old enough to trial as a rep player. Our junior rep players are the up and coming future of [tN].

Our Reputable Representative Players;

Our rep players are the members of the [tN] community who represent us in games, scrims and the community. They exhibit the traits that we hold dear; a sense of humour, a desire to have fun and an underlying committment to fair play.

Our Veterans;

[tN]'s Veterans have proven through time and duty what [tN] Means to them, and in return are rewarded with the title of Veteran. Our Veterans provide knowledge and leadership.

Here at [tN] we Believe the key to community begins with communication and equality (and of course T-bags).

The way forward is Democracy.


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